Thailand-based Asian swimmers join FINA’s virtual swim meet

The Thanyapura training base at Phuket.
The Thanyapura training base at Phuket.

Phuket, Thailand, October 14, 2020: The Thanyapura swimming centre and training base at Phuket, Thailand took part in the first FINA virtual swimming competition recently.

Swimmers from FINA-approved centres in Kazan (Russia), Florida (USA) and Phuket (Thailand) conducted swimming heats in pools in various events and then shared their results with fellow FINA scholarship athletes.

The aim of this virtual competition was to offer an alternative for the athletes to continue training in the same conditions than before the pandemic and prepare the best possible way for the upcoming season.

This first and unique initiative created a competition-like and safe environment for the FINA scholarship holders training in these centres, a much-needed opportunity in the current climate to measure their progress and level against other young swimming talents in other parts of the world.

Without travelling, this virtual competition provided a risk-free frame and it was reported to be very successful by fulfilling the desire for competition to resume.

“FINA has worked on a proposal that would be beneficial and risk-free for these young talents. They need to continue to train and compete in optimum conditions despite the current challenges,” said FINA President Dr Julio C Maglione. 

“We hope that we have generated an occasion for the scholarship holders to showcase their progress under pressure but also in a fun and innovative approach.” 

The results of the athletes of the Thanyapura training centre in Phuket included:

Haziq Samil (Brunei, M), 400m freestyle 4:01.28; 200m freestyle 2:03.65; 100m freestyle 56.9; 400m individual medley 5:13.5;

Ayman Klzie (Syria, M), 200m butterfly 2:06.52; 100m butterfly 57.50; 100m freestyle 56.05;

Omar Abbas (Syria, M), 400m freestyle 4:01.22; 200m freestyle 1:51.50; 100m freestyle 54.20; 100m butterfly 1:03.00;

Sangay Tenzin (Bhutan, M), 200m individual medley 2:37.2; 200m freestyle 2:22.6; 100m breaststroke 1:19.2; 100m freestyle 1:02.5;

Kinley Lhendup (Bhutan, M), 200m individual medley 2:35.33; 200m backstroke 2:59.33; 100m backstroke 1:23.45; 100m freestyle 1:11.54;

Sovann Montross (Cambodia, M), 200m backstroke 2:41.40; 200m individual medley 2:42.30; 100m backstroke 1:07.54; 100m freestyle 59.30;

Results of the FINA Development Centre scholarships in Kazan:

Musa Zhalayev (Turkmenistan, M), 200m individual medley – 2:18.59.