Chinese Taipei NOC holds International Sports Affairs Workshop

Chinese Taipei NOC holds International Sports Affairs Workshop

Taipei, October 10, 2019: The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee held the Southern Session of 2019 International Sports Affairs Workshop at the National Sports Training Centre in Zhuoyin, Kaohsiung on September 27.

More than 200 participants from sports industries, government authorities and schools took part in the workshop where the themes were Olympic Agenda 2020, good governance of sports organisations and sport law enforcement.

Dr. Kao Chin-hsiung, Director-General of Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, who addressed the opening ceremony at the workshop said: “Sport is the best channel to bring people together. We are honoured to have the experts guiding the newcomers with their experience in international sports affairs.”

Ms. Jacqueline Shen Yi-ting, Secretary General of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, stated that through long-term dedication of international sports affairs experts, the body was able to pass down valuable experience to the younger generation. She added that more than 400 persons had joined CTOC’s human resource database in the past nine years.

The Northern Session of the workshop was held on October 1 at the Sports Administration Building in Taipei, with distinguished speakers including Ms. Chang Fen-fen, executive board member of International Children’s Games and Professor Chiu Bing-kun, President of National Taiwan Sports University.

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