Bhutan NOC prepares for national training in non-contact sports to resume

© Bhutan NOC.
© Bhutan NOC.

Thimphu, Bhutan, September 3, 2020: National athletes in non-contact sports have been allowed to resume training by the Bhutan Olympic Committee after the Government relaxed the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 this week.

The Bhutan Olympic Committee is in the process of drawing up a list of sports categorising them into contact and non-contact sports after the Prime Minister’s Office allowed the public to take part in non-contact sports such as badminton and tennis starting from Tuesday, September 1.

“While we have not completed documenting we are working toward non-contact sports such as Olympic archery, shooting and golf in the first phase and that, too, for training of the national players only.

"We are also working in close consultation with the National Sports Federations and Sports Associations for resuming non-contact sports as well as accessibility to the general public,” said Namgay Wangchuk, head of Sports Development, Bhutan Olympic Committee.

While the lockdown is being eased, the Prime Minister’s Office has stated that tournaments of any kind are still barred. Football, archery, Women’s T-20 cricket and basketball tournaments are on hold.