Saudi Arabia NOC monthly conference focuses on ‘creating sporting ecosystem’

Saudi Arabia NOC monthly conference focuses on ‘creating sporting ecosystem’

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, August 27, 2020: The Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee (SAOC) hosted its third online conference on Wednesday, August 26 as part of its unwavering commitment to develop Saudi Arabian sports.

The two panelists were Dr Craig Duncan, human performance strategist from Australia, and South African-born high-performance coach Shayamal Vallabhjee.

Organised and managed by SAOC under the patronage of HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki AlFaisal, President of SAOC, the conference theme was “Creating a Sporting Ecosystem”. 

The conference attracted more than 60 participants including SAOC employees and Saudi Arabian National Federation officials.

HH Prince Fahad ibn Jalawi, Vice President of SAOC, attended the session and welcomed the attendees on behalf of HRH Prince Abdulaziz.

HH Prince Fahad said: “The SAOC monthly conference is a series of sessions we host to ensure full coordination among sports representatives in the Kingdom.”

Wednesday’s conference was an example of SAOC’s innovative and progressive approach to developing Saudi Arabia’s sports performance and science expertise – ensuring that key learning and best practices are taught throughout the nation’s sports movement.   

Ultimately, through knowledge-sharing and data-driven insights, SAOC is hosting these conferences to provide elite local and regional athletes with the strongest opportunities to succeed, and to enhance the sporting culture across the country.  

The conference participants benefited from the knowledge and pioneering insight of local and international experts. 

The discussion included using technology to help give better insight on the level of fatigue among athletes who over-train, based on testing different variables such as sleep and their heartbeat. 

The discussion also focused on the right approach for athletes to use technology to monitor their performance. Both panelists agreed on the need to strengthen athlete trust and show them the possible benefits to achieve this, along with maximizing performance through the effective use of data.