Sri Lanka Olympic Committee to hold sexual harassment webinar

© Sri Lanka NOC
© Sri Lanka NOC

Colombo, Sri Lanka, August 4, 2020: A webinar on Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sports will be held by the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka on August 12.

“The Sri Lanka Olympic Committee has taken the initiative to bring about a ‘Sexual Harassment and Abuse Prevention Programme’ to safeguard our athletes without gender discrimination,” revealed Niloo Jayatilake, chairperson, women’s committee of Sri Lanka NOC.

“The policy will develop a culture of dignity and safety in sport and promote a safe environment, a culture of respect and an athletic community that does not tolerate sexual harassment or misconduct of any sort,” Jayatileka added.

“Sexual harassment and misconduct can have short-, medium- and long-term consequences on the health, social relations and the careers of those affected by it. We have, therefore, developed a series of measures to raise awareness and provide training and support for any member of the sports community who has experienced these situations,” she added.

The NOC has set up a sexual harassment monitoring committee to listen to complaints and offer support.

To spread the word, the NOC decided to launch a webinar for athletes, national federations, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Education, media and other relevant parties.

Sri Lanka NOC President Suresh Subramaniam and Secretary-General Maxwell de Silva will be among the panelists in the webinar.

“Let us be the first to make a difference in fighting this silent scourge and give our athletes a better tomorrow,” Jayatileka concluded.