Bangkok 2005
Emblem Bangkok 2005

For the “Logo” of the 1st Asian Indoor Games itself, it comprises 9 sparkling stars, reflecting the opinions of the Asian people at large:
1. Spirit and soul of mankind
2. Sporting spirit
3. Creation of friendship
4. Building good physical appearances
5. Inspiration
6. Creative thinking
7. Solidarity
8. Peacefulness
9. Human freedom

For the “E” shape of the sun, it reflects a symbol of the Olympic Council of Asia. For the redline, the blue line and the golden line, they are forming like an “A” shape, together with a Thai roof, revealing the meanings of the Asian continent and the Asian Games. A golden line is a Thai smile, expressing a warm welcome to visitors.

Thailand receives reliability, creditability and confidence by the OCA member countries, once again, to host the 1st Asian Indoor Games in 2005. For the Games mascot, the Organizing Committee agrees to use “Elephant” as it foresees that it is a national treasure of Thailand.

Besides being a mighty animal, it is an intelligent animal capable of using it in various occasions even during our natural disaster.