Guangzhou 2010
Torch Guangzhou 2010

"The Tide" is tall and straight in terms of shape while dynamic in terms of image. The upper part of the exterior of the torch is pierced with Guangzhou's delicate ivory carving techniques. The pierced part looks like rising and flowing flames, highlighting vitality and passion; the solid part looks like flowing water, symbolising spirits of the Lingnan culture such as inclusiveness and innovation. The spiral-shaped torch burner signifies the spread of the Asian Games Spirit. With two layers, "The Tide" looks sophisticated, mysterious and solemn. The exterior of the torch is in the distinctive reddish colour of the flower of bombax ceiba, the flower emblem of Guangzhou, embodying the power and passion of life. The interior is in the golden colour of rice ears, standing for the host city Guangzhou, which is known as the City of Rice Ears.

Weight: 980g
Length: 70cm
Material: inner layer - stainless steel; outer layer - aluminum alloy

Water, the Pearl River and the sea have nurtured the unique Lingnan culture. Fire and the sun have expelled darkness and barbarism and activated the development of human civilisation. Water and fire constituted the precious memory in the early stage of human civilisation. Water, representing harmony, and fire, representing passion, constitute the carrier of the sacred flame.

The overall style of "The Tide" is in line with the Emlem and Prictograms of the Games.