Incheon 2014
Torch Incheon 2014

The 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee (IAGOC) revealed the designs for the torch to be used at next year’s Incheon Asian Games. On October 14th, 9 designs were revealed, including those for the torch itself, the torch base, and the torch lamp. The designs are the result of an 8-month work between the IAGOC and a design consortium in Incheon, which went through detailed consultations and evaluations by top designers in the country. 

They received the final approval of the Olympic Council of Asia on August 5. The design’s motif is the Crane, the official bird of Incheon Metropolitan City.  It describes the crane as it starts to open its wings.  The color of the internal cylinder of the torch is blue, signifying the sky and the ocean of Incheon, and the rest of the torch is of the more subdued gray color, which accentuates the blue.

In addition to the blue design, there are 4 other color designs (green, yellow, red, violet) that together represent the 5 regions of Asia – East Asia, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia.