Muscat 2010
Mascot Muscat 2010

The award winning Mascots are the friends of the 2nd Asian Beach Games Muscat 2010. In June 2010 they received a Special Commendation for Green Campaign of the Year at the Oman Green Awards. The Mascots hold a special position as Green Ambassadors and are the fictional platform by which MABGOC is addressing real life issues – the environment!

Selected, not only for representing the vast and varied regions of the Sultanate, the Mascots each symbolise a vulnerable or endangered species found in Oman. Al-Jebel (Tahr), Al-Reeh (Houbara) and Al-Med (Green Turtle) are the three friends who act as mascots for Muscat 2010. Chosen to represent the land, the water and the skies of Oman, the animals also support the Games slogan ‘Together We Shine’.

Each brings their own personality and character to building the spirit of the Games. Al-Jebel shows us ambition in his love for competition, Al-Reeh teaches us fair-play and the importance of teamwork and she often mentors and coaches her friends, and Al-Med teaches us commitment, patience and kindness to oneself and others.

MABGOC does not only plan to host a most successful Asian Beach Games, but also encourage the athletes and youth to protect our environment today for future generations.