Haiyang 2012
Torch Haiyang 2012

The torch for the 3rd Asian Beach Games takes as its prototype a phoenix dancing over the golden sand. Phoenix, a sign of good luck, is a flame carrier which symbolizes the spirit of Haiyang people, thus each torchbearer is like an angel of light dancing with the phoenix and passing the Haiyang spirit and joy throughout Asia.

The torch contains 3 core colors: cherry red, beach yellow and sea blue. Cherry red represents sunshine and joy, beach yellow represents sports and passion and sea blue represents ocean and energy, which together embody the vision of the 3rd Asian Beach Games "Sand and Sun, Passion and Fashion".

At the bottom of the torch is the emblem of the Olympic Council of Asia. The torch mouth shapes like a phoenix to become reborn at the moment of fl aming, which symbolizes the selfrenewal and persistent spirit of athletes.