Haiyang 2012
Emblem Haiyang 2012

Interpretation: An overall concept of unity of man and nature is embodied in the emblem. Three moving figures hold their hands together, symbolizing that Asian people are living in harmony like a family and enjoying the great pleasure brought by beach sports.

Three S elements, sun, sand and sea, are emphasized and aim to show the tourist features and to reflect the unique culture and charm of the host city of the 3rd Asian Beach Games.

By one magic line, three sport postures of playing beach volleyball, playing football and swimming are outlined, like flame and like seawater. It is a proper and vivid description of the features of beach games. The three postures are just a combination of strength, passion and beauty of sports, representing the athletes' spirit of struggling, energy of competing and beauty of playing.

Together with the sport postures and bright sun, the yellow line beneath, which composes a vivid and spectacular scene of Asian Beach Games, reflects its unique charm of passion, sunshine and fashion.

The theme image of the emblem is similar to the Chinese character, with its pinyin form “Hai”, not only represents Haiyang as host city of the 3rd Asian Beach Games, but reflects the features of the Beach Games here. The delicate one-line design gives people a unique visual beauty and fully displays its artistic beauty.