Hong Kong 2009
Torch Hong Kong 2009

The torch is a curvy cylinder, with a square top and a round bottom. Its shape resembles the horn of an ox, which leads people to note that the 5th EAG are held in 2009, the Year of the Ox.

The torch can be divided into the upper and lower sections, with two English letters, "e" and "a", embossed in its middle. The letters represent "East" and "Asia" respectively, which form the title of the Games. They create the patterns of "Lucky Clouds" to put forward the concept of yin merging with yang. They also convey the message that Hong Kong is a place where the Chinese and Western cultures meet.

The firework emblem of the Games is repeatedly engraved on the upper section of the torch, creating tiny holes of incised rice patterns. Apart from highlighting the image of the Games, this design also allows the essential circulation of oxygen required for the lighting of the flame.

Looking from the above, the top of the torch forms the Chinese character (Asia), while its bottom is inscribed with patterns inspired by the English letter "e". The whole torch is painted in stylish muted silver, while both sides facing the top and the bottom are coated in red, which is full of oriental glamour. The combination displays an integration of traditional Chinese cultural essence and elements of modern design.