Singapore 2015
Emblem Singapore 2015

The logo represents the meeting of Southeast Asia, and symbolises individual dreams united in the spirit of the games. The triumph of the human spirit lies at the core, with the winning athlete crossing the finishing line, arms raised in jubilation, being at the heart of it all. It celebrates the extraordinary potential that exists in each and every one of us.

The icons reflect the diversity of sports featured during the Games, from land and water-based sports to individual and team sports. It also stands for the combination of strength, focus, grace and skills involved in sporting pursuits.

The dynamic energy of the various sports is represented by the palette of colours, capturing the excitement of games in all its radiance. It also symbolises sport as a universal language, where different people, from different countries, competing in different disciplines, converge to add texture to the Games.
So, whoever we are or wherever we are heading, we know that success ultimately comes to those who reach for the extraordinary.