Hangzhou 2023
Torch Hangzhou 2023

The torch of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 is named "Eternal Flame". The design was inspired by the Liangzhu Culture that is testament to the 5000-year-old Chinese civilization. Apart from the majestic shape with profound implications, the torch also presents to the world the unique creativity of Chinese design and its manufacture prowess.

The torch is shaped in a way that "grows" from bottom to top, with an overall height of 730 millimetres and a net weight of 1,200 grams.

The base of torch is embossed with eight water veins symbolising the evolution of civilisation and representing the eight major river systems in Zhejiang;

The torch body is designed based on the evolution from dermatoglyphic fingerprint patterns specific to the Liangzhu Culture, which are naturally intertwined and exquisite.

The torch head is characterized by the meaning of Jade Cong, one of the ritual jades, showing a harmonious square-round integration; and the burner nozzle is designed from the earliest oracle bone inscription of "􆥛" (literally Jade Cong) with the implied meaning of "light traveling in cycle inside". In the big picture, the profile curve is like firewood in hand, a combination of motion and quietness that gives people infinite reveries of the past, the present and the future. 

Eternal Flame  means that the Chinese civilisation is passed on from generation to generation. The torch is characterized by Jade Cong and threaded upon with Chinese heritage, natural sceneries and local customs. Not only does this pay tribute to and represent the inheritance of Chinese culture, but also it shows the world  the  real  ancient  China,  modern  China  and  future  China  in  a  visualized  way  across  the  board.  The  design  is  intended  to  shine  a  more  brilliant  light  on  this sacred land of Chinese civilisation. 

Eternal Flame  speaks to the unity of athletes from all countries and regions in diversity. The torch features eight grooves on all sides, converging to the @ icon at  the  top  center.  The  form  of  a  river  of  life  used  is  symbolic  of  the  gathering  of  athletes  from  various  countries  and  regions  in  Hangzhou  to  celebrate  the  grand occasion together, echoing the slogan of the Games, "Heart to Heart, @Future". The dermatoglyphic pattern ends with Chinese knot tassels to demonstrate the unity in diversity of athletes involved in the Asian Games with oriental elements, with good wishes to build a community with shared future for mankind. 

Eternal Flame  shows the charm of intelligent manufacturing in Zhejiang. Backed by natural flame and intelligent technology at the core, the torch even stands out among the torch designs from previous major events. After repeated trials and optimisations, it has seen technical obstacles overcome in process, materials, production  and  transportation.  The  raw  materials  are  digitally  mapped  to  the  blockchain,  and  the  traceability  mechanism  is  used  to  ensure  authenticity.  For  the metal part, the AA 1070 rotary forming process is adopted with the surface undergoing laser engraving and anodization. The grip made of recycled raw materialsis eco-friendly, light and easy to hold, and the fuel is heated with biomass gas, which is safe, clean and reliable.