Bangkok 2009
Mascot Bangkok 2009
The Martial Arts is the fighting sports. In order to create Mascot related to the Asian Martial Arts Games, the Organizing Committee visualizes that Hanuman in Ramayana, the Great Asian epic, would be a good Mascot for the Games.

“Hanuman” is a white – creamy super monkey and considers it as the God of the ape which has every kind of fighting skill with strong determination of great success.

Being the Mighty Ape, “Hanuman” often shares in the traditional flower festival as a gesture of warm welcome and inspires friendship and unity for all the Asian peoples.

The Organizing Committee uses “Hanuman Yindee” as the Mascot as it wants to convey the message of the word “Yindee” which means proudness and gratification. Furthermore, the Organizing Committee is using the word “Yindee” as to extend to everybody a warm welcome and a chance of making continuous friendship and solidarity throughout the entire peoples of Asia.

Thailand customarily gives a garland to a distinguished, respected person. With the garland hung in Mascot’s both hands, it means a sign of firm friendship and victory, as witnessed by a bright red sunshine of rays of OCA Logo, radiating warmth covering all the Asian Contingent.