Phuket 2014
Mascot Phuket 2014

“Sea turtle” is a symbol of endurance fertility, sustainability and growth. As Phuket is a home to many rare species of sea turtles, it is a chance to announce to the participants of the 4th Asian Beach Games and also to the public that Thailand pays great attention and an important role to the conservation of sea turtles.

As sea turtles are amphibious creatures, living both on land and in the sea, the 4th Asian Beach Games will have both beach sports and water sports which at the same time is an excellent symbol of the relationships of the different countries in Asia.

The name Sin, Sakorn, Samut shares the same meaning of water Could be metaphorically be compared to the qualities of athletes which includes the qualities such as tolerance, tranquility, unity, acceptance, sportsmanship and friendship.