Da Nang 2016
Mascot Da Nang 2016

- 5th Asian Beach Games Activity Mascot is swiftlet, a special characteristic of the southern central coastal region of Vietnam is famous for bird nest - a product of high economic value in general and a specialty of Da Nang in particular.

- The mascot is a stylized little boy with funny hair on the head, a small V-shaped tail (a characteristic of oats), holding a lit torch represents the spirit of unity, peace and health of human life. The sun of the Olympic Council of Asia and on the traditional wave of mascot costumes symbolizing the Asian Beach Games.

The colors used for Mascot is blue, red, black and gold representing the blue sea water, golden sand and feathers of birds. Mascot with children, adorable and innocent facial expression, simple shapes and different colors are expected to reach the hearts of people and easy to become a popular souvenir.