Nanjing 2013
Mascot Nanjing 2013

The Official Games Mascot, named “AYG Yuan Yuan” in Chinese is derived from the “dawn monkey of China”The species was first discovered in a remote area of Jiangsu and was one of the first known primates. The design of the mascot was inspired by the “Red Sun” logo of the Olympic Council of Asia.

Rounded lines areapplied to form the monkey’s face and its tail is delineated with the patterns of rain flower stones (a speciallocal product also known as Riverstone or Yuhua stone).

The Mascot is passionate and uniquely combines theheritage of the city, the vitues of the Games and the vibrancy of youth.It also reflects the Nanjing citizens’ hopes for the Games and the warm welcome they extend to all friends andguests from Asian countries and regions.