Information and Statistics Committee

The Information and Statistics Committee consist of One Chairman and a minimum of Five Members. The Chairman, nominated by his NOC, will be elected by the GA, while the Members preferably representing the 5 zones of the OCA will be selected by the EB from the Candidates who have been nominated by their respective NOCs.

The Chairman and Members will hold office for a term of four years. The Chairman will be a Member of the EB.

This Committee will be responsible for:

a. for the Statistical information system of the Council;

b. prepare the Council plan of action for the dissemination of sports information;

c. inform Members of Council of activities and future plans, prepare studies and carry out research to assist the sports media in the Asian countries;

d. undertake publication of sports teaching materials;

e. undertake documentation and records of results, statistics and other relevant data, which help establish, to begin with, a nucleus for an Asian Sports Library; and the material collected will also be circulated to all Members;

f. establish a separate statistics cell, where all types of statistics for every game relevant to all international competitions will be available;

g. the meetings of the Information and Statistics Committee will be held as decided by the Chairman with the prior approval of the President.

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