Culture Committee

The Cultural Committee consist of One Chairman and a minimum of Five Members; The Chairman, nominated by his NOC, will be elected by the GA, while the Members preferably representing the 5 zones of the OCA will be selected by the EB from the Candidates who have been nominated by their respective NOCs;

The Chairman and Members will hold office for a term of four years; The Chairman will be a Member of the EB;

This Committee will be responsible for:

a. assisting in the development of relevant cultural activities at the AG and at such other opportunities as might be supported by the Council;

b. co-operating with existing National Olympic Academies and to help form others in Asia;

C. fostering the development of Art and Sports in line with IOC programmes;

d. promoting interest among Members in protecting the environment in the continent;

e. the meetings of the Cultural Committee will be held as decided by the Chairman with the prior approval of the President.


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