Squash is a racquet sport that was formally called squash racquest, it is a reference to the "squashable" soft ball used in the game.

To commence serve at the start of the game the players usually spin a racket to decide who comence service, and this player starts the first rally by electing to serve from either the left or right service box.

For a legal serve,  of the server's feet must be in the box and after being struck by the racket, the ball must strike the front wall above the service line and below the out line and land in the opposite quarter court, unless volleyed by the receiver.

A ball landing on either the out line or above the tin, is considered to be out.

A point is scored when the opponent is unable to return the ball to the front wall befor it bounces twice (the point is scored only when the player is serving) and the server can choose to serve from any of the service box.

A game is played to 9 points (the receiver may opt to call "set two" and play to 10 when the score first reach 8-8) competition matches are usually played to "best of five".
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Badminton players Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong (men's doubles) and squash star Nicol David were crowned Olympians of the Year in the men's and women's categories at the Olympic Council of Malaysia-Coca-Cola Olym...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, January 12, 2017: Malaysia’s squash legend Nicol David features prominently in a campaign to raise funds for needy children around the world. Nicol, the eight-time world champion, five-time British Open champion...

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