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Kurash is a form of upright jacket wrestling native to Uzbekistan, practiced since ancient times.

It is played by two athletes, one wearing a green jacket and the other a blue jacket.

The objective is to try to throw one another to the ground. If thrown to the back, victory is declared. If thrown onto the side, points are awarded.

If thrown to the belly or weakly onto the side, a lower score is given. The one with the most points wins.

Kurash was incorporated into the Asian Indoor Games in 2007.



Mr. Haider A. Farman elected to the position of the President of the International Kurash Association
04 Nov 2015

November 4, 2015:The International Kurash Association held its XVth Ordinary Congress in the Khorramabad city, Iran. The Congress members coming from different countries of the world discussed several important matter.....

International Kurash Association holds Directing Committee meeting in Kuwait
06 Aug 2015

On August 4, 2015, the International Kurash Association held its Directing Committee meeting in Kuwait, at the Headquarters of the Olympic Council of Asia. More than 15 members of the Directing Committee coming from Asia.....