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Cricket is team bat-and-ball sport that originated in England.

There are eleven players each team and is played on a field. In the middle is a long strip called the pitch, at each end there is a wooden wicket. The bowler, from one team, bowls a hard leather ball from one wicket towards the other, which is guarded by a batter from the other team.

The ball usually bounces once before reaching the batter. In defence the wicket, the batter tries to hit the ball with a wooden bat.

Other members of the bowler's team stand in different locations around the field to get the ball if it’s hit and tries to stop the batter scoring runs.

The batter scores by running between the wickets, exchanging ends with a second batter, who is at the other end of the pitch.

Runs are also scored if the batter hits the ball to the boundary of the playing area. The team with the most runs is the winner.

Cricket was incorporated into the Asian Games in 2010.



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