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Hockey is a sport where two teams compete by trying to manoeuvre a ball, or a hard, round, rubber or heavy plastic disc called a puck, into the opponent's net or goal, using a hockey stick.

Modern field hockey sticks are J-shaped and constructed of a composite of wood, glass fibre or carbon fibre (sometimes both) and have a curved hook at the playing end, a flat surface on the playing side and curved surface on the rear side.

Field hockey is played on gravel, natural grass, sand-based or water-based artificial turf, with a small, hard ball.

In most countries, the game is played between single-sex sides, although they can be mixed-gender.

Hockey was incorporated into the Asian Games in 1958 and beach hockey was incorporated into the Asian Beach Games in 2008.



Pakistan’s Olympic hero and hockey goalkeeper Zakir Hussain passes away
21 Aug 2019

Islamabad, Pakistan, August 21, 2019: Pakistan’s legendary hockey goalkeeper and Olympic champion Zakir Hussain passed away on Monday, August 19, at the age of 89.

Hussain was part of the gold medal winning Pakistan .....

Celebrating Dhyan Chand – India’s ‘magician of hockey’
21 May 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland, May 21, 2019: On May 17, 1928 at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam, the world discovered hockey magician Dhyan Chand.

This was the day India took the first step on the road to Olympic gold by beat.....