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Volleyball is a two team sport. Each team has six players and are are separated by a high net.

Each team tries to score points against one another by grounding a ball on the other team's court over the net but in compliance with the games rules.

The team who wins the point then serves. The complete rules of volleyball are extensive.

However in summary, points are awarded if: the ball touches the ground outside the court area and/or the ball touches the ground on the opponents’ team’s side of the net.

The first team to reach 25 points wins the set and the first team to win three sets wins the match.

Teams can contact the ball only three times before the ball crosses the net each touch must be by a different player.

The ball is usually played with the hands or arms, but players can push the ball with any part of the body.

Volleyball is usually played indoors but numerous variations of volleyball have developed such as beach volleyball.

Volleyball was first incorporated into the Asian Games in 1958.



Qatar's Asian Games champs win continental crown
14 May 2019

Doha, Qatar, May 14, 2019: Qatar’s top-ranked team of Sharif Younis and Ahmed Tijan won the Asian Beach Volleyball Championship defeating hosts China in Maoming on Sunday.

The 18th Asian Games champions, who are in t.....

India appoint Serbian head coach for men’s national volleyball team
08 May 2019

New Delhi, India, May 8, 2019: Serbia’s Dragan Mihailovic will take over as head coach of the Indian men’s team according to a press release from the Volleyball Federation of India.

Mihailovic, who has more than 25 y.....