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Triathlon is an athletic event consisting of swimming, cycling and running over various distances.

In most modern triathlons, these events are placed back-to-back in immediate sequence and a competitor's official time includes the time required between the individual legs of the race, including any time necessary for changing clothes and shoes.

Triathlon was incorporated into the Asian Games in 2006.



Philippines’ Mangrobang thrives on ITU athlete scholarship award
14 Jan 2020

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 14, 2020: The International Triathlon Union has announced the opening of applications for the 2020 Athlete Scholarship Programme.

The scholarship recipients in 2019 included Kim Mangrob.....

Harbin to host first ITU Winter Triathlon World Cup
05 Dec 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland, December 5, 2019: The International Triathlon Union has announced that the first-ever Winter Triathlon World Cup will be held in the winter resort city of Harbin in northeast China on January 4, 20.....