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Muaythai is a martial art form that originated in Asia but has since become truly global with 128 member federations worldwide, 36 of which are in Asia. Muaythai has many practical aspects which include self defense, fitness and for competition. Honor, tradition and respect play an important role in the everyday like of muaythai practitioners who come from all walks of life and ages.

Known as "The Art of Eight Limbs", muaythai utilizes the hands, elbows, knees and legs to both strike and block. Muaythai is a variation of Muay Boran which translates to "Ancient Boxing". Its form is efficient as it maximizes the amount of damage that each blow can inflict.

Juniors, male and female athletes compete in weight divisions in Queensberry boxing gloves. Competitors perform a pre-fight ritual dance wearing a sacred headband (mongkon) and arm bands (prajiad). The dance is accompanied by traditional music, which then continues playing through out the fight.

Muaythai and IFMA have been recognized by the OCA since 1999 and was a demonstration sport in the 13th Asian Games in 1998.

Muaythai was first incorporated into the Asian Indoor Games in 2005.