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Sepaktakraw or kick volleyball is a sport from the southeast Asia, with similarities like Volleyball which is played with hand but Sepak takraw is played with feet, knee, Head and chest.

A match is played by two regus (teams) each made up of three players.

The regus that must serve first shall start the first set, and the side that wins the first set shall have the option of choosing Service.

As soon as the Tekong Kicks the ball all the players are allowed to move freely in their respective courts.

The service is valid if the ball passes over the net, and inside the boundary lines of the opponent, whether it touches the net or not.

The refferee shall toss a disc or coin, and the side that wins the toss shall have the option of choosing service the change of side takes place when one Regu reaches 8 points.

A point is awarded when either serving or receiving side commits  a fault also serving the next ball.

The winning point for a set is 21points, but if the two teams tie at 20-20 the set shall be decided on a difference of two points, up to 25 points. When the score is tied at 20-20 the referee announces "Setting up to 25points".

If each Regu wins one set each, the game shall be desided in the third set called "tiebreak" with 15 points, and if it is tied again at 14-14, then the set shall be decided on a difference of two point up to a ceilling of 17 points. when the score is tied at 14-14, the refferee anounces "setting up to 17 points"



Brunei’s sepak takraw team warm ups for SEA Games with King’s Cup medals
13 May 2015

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, May 13, 2015: The national sepak takraw team brought home two bronze medals from the 30th King’s Cup in Bangkok held from May 4-10, reports The Brunei Times. The first bronze medal came from .....