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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. Taekwondo is loosely translated as "the way of the foot and fist" but some translate it as, "the art of kicking and punching," Taekwondo's popularity is a result of evolution of martial arts.

It combines combat techniques, self-defence, sport, exercise, meditation and philosophy.

Modern Taekwondo tends to emphasize control and self-defence. The art in general emphasizes kicks thrown from a mobile stance, employing the leg's greater reach and power (compared to the arm).

Taekwondo training generally includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches, and open-handed strikes and may also include various take-downs or sweeps, throws, and joint locks.

Taekwondo was incorporated into the Asian Games in 1986.



Saudi Arabia to organise international women’s taekwondo event
08 Dec 2018

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, December 8, 2018: Saudi Arabia is set to host the first ever Islamic Women’s Taekwondo International Open Championships in the Kingdom next year.

The event was confirmed when World Taekwondo Pre.....

Korean pin-up Lee to host taekwondo event to promote his country
06 Dec 2018

Seoul, Korea, December 6, 2018: South Korean taekwondo star Lee Dae-hoon will hold an international youth event on Jeju Island next year to promote the sport and culture of his country, organisers revealed on Thursday. .....