Cross Country Skiing
Cross-country skiing is a popular winter sport where the athletes race to ski along large areas.

Cross-country skiing is part of the growing skiing sport family, which also includes events such as ski jumping, there are many techniques which can be used but Free-technique cross-country skiing is also the method of locomotion in the combination sport of Biathlon, which adds rifle marksmanship to skiing.

Cross country skiing was incorporated into the Asian Winter Games in 2003.
LIST Events
  1.4km Individual Sprint Classical
  1.6km Sprint Classic
  1.6km Team Sprint Free
  10km Classic
  10km Pursuit
  15km Free
  15km Skiathlon
  30km Classic
  30km Free Mass Start
  4x10km Relay Classic/Free
  4x7.5km Relay
  50km mass start
  Combined 10km + 15km Pursuit
  Individual Sprint
  1.4km Individual Sprint Classical
  1.4km Sprint Classic
  1.4km Team Sprint Free
  10km Free
  15km Classic
  15km Free Mass Start
  30km Mass Start
  4x5km Relay
  4x5km Relay Classic/Free
  5km Classic
  7.5km Skiathlon
  Individual Sprint
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