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Medical Committee

The Medical Committee shall consist of One Chairman and a minimum of Five Members. The Chairman, nominated by his NOC, will be elected by the GA, while the Members preferably representing the 5 zones of the OCA will be selected by the EB from the Candidates who have been nominated by their respective NOCs.

The Chairman and Members will hold office for a term of four years. The Chairman will be a Member of the EB.

This Committee will be responsible for:

a. preparing OCA Medical Guideline outlining all requirements of Sports Medicine for each AG as approved by the Council;

b. carrying out research and outline physical research training programme for each approved game;

c. determining the diet requirements, on a calorie needed basis, for each approved game;

d. doing all other things which are necessary to improve the physical and medical conditioning of Asian athletes keeping in view the diversity of countries and communities involved;

e. carrying out research on the type of injuries that normally affect each game, and remedy thereof;

f. any other activity which would help raise the standard of sports;

g. supervising medical control and sanitary services;

h. supervising doping control and conducting gender verification test during each AG;

i. the Chairman of the Medical Committee will head a panel of not more than 15 persons set up with the approval of the EB for the preparation of relevant medical facilities and anti-doping control measures by the AGOCs of the AG, AWG, AIG and ABG and will ensure that such medical arrangements and anti-doping control measures comply with the WADA and OCA Anti-Doping Rules requirements.

j. the meetings of the Committee will be held as decided by the Chairman with the prior approval of the President.



Dr Kyongsoo IM Member Korea

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