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Rules Committee

The Rules Committee shall consist of One Chairman and a minimum of Five Members. The Chairman, nominated by his NOC, will be elected by the GA, while the Members preferably representing the 5 zones of the OCA will be selected by the EB from the Candidates who have been nominated by their respective NOCs.

The Chairman and Members will hold office for a term of four years. The Chairman will be a Member of the EB.

This Committee will be responsible for:

a. to carry out the directions of the GA and the EB in so far as the amendments of the OCA Constitution Rules and Bye-laws are concerned;

b. to take steps to examine the Rules and Bye-laws from time to time, and to submit its proposals for amendments through the EB to the GA;

c. to receive and consider proposals on matters relating to the amendments of the Rules and thereafter submit its recommendations to the GA through the EB;

d. the meetings of the Rules Committee will be held as decided by the Chairman with the prior approval of the President.



Mr Fumio OGURA Vice Chair Japan

Anti Doping Members


OCA Rules Committee meets in Tokyo
13 Jul 2011

Tokyo, Japan: The OCA Rules Committee met in Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon and put forward a by-law giving the OCA President, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, the right to appoint six members to the Executive Board. This w.....

Rules Committee
05 Apr 2006

The Rules Committee meeting under the chairmanship of Sheikh Talal Fahad Al-Sabah, was held in Bangkok on 5th of April 2006. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Husain Al-Musallam, Director General OCA. In order to keep.....