Via Vallen sings “Meraih Bintang” at TVRI on June 30.

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Asian Games theme song attracts 8 million views

Date : 09 Jul 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia, July 9, 2018: The 18th Asian Games already has its first big hit – the official theme song! Just nine days after it was performed in public for the first time on June 30, “Meraih Bintang” (Reach For The Stars) has been viewed over 8.1 million times on YouTube and has received over 21,000 comments.

The singer is 26-year-old Via Vallen from Surabaya, one of Indonesia’s brightest stars in the entertainment world and who has her own nationwide fan group known as “Vyanisty”. Asian Games organisers, and the singer herself, hope the song will promote the traditional “dangdut” style of Indonesian music to a wider audience with its catchy, sing-along chorus.

Via performed the song for the first time during a 50 Days countdown show at the grand studio of TVRI on June 30, when the Asian Games medals were also introduced to the public.

Her most famous song, “Sayang” (Honey), has been viewed over 158 million times on YouTube, so the Asian Games official theme song still has some catching up to do - but 8 million views to date is a promising start!



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