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News release from the press conference by OCA

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News release from the press conference by OCA

Date : 09 Aug 2009

OCA announces the next Asian Martial Arts Games part of Indoor Games 2013. The curtain of the 1st Asian Martial Arts Games was drawn today with great success, with the host country - Thailand - achieving a milestone by heading the medal.

At a press conference yesterday evening, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) expressed their satisfaction and gratitude to the organizers, athletes and all involved.

“There are a total of 32 countries taking home medals in the Games. It’s very pleasing to see the first time some countries receiving gold medals, for first time including Bhutan and Brunei Darussalam. Martial Arts are our heritage in Asia, not only the sports but also in some cases from a spiritual perspective. Thailand deserved its victory,” said Timothy Tsun Ting Fok acting on behalf of the OCA President –Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah.

Permanent Secretary for Tourism and Sports, Dr.Sasithara Pichaichannarong, on behalf of the Thai government, expressed appreciation and gratitude to OCA.

“We would like to thank the OCA for giving us an opportunity to organise this event. As the tournament was postponed twice, our work was very tough. However, these difficulties turned out to be a challenge to organise this event. We also have to thank all people for their collaboration, including all those behind the scenes,” said Dr. Sasithara.

Maj Gen Charouck Arirachakaran, Chairman of the Secretariat of the 1st Asian Martial Arts Games 2009 was impressed by the success of Thailand.

“We would like to thank all for their cooperation and believe that our motto ‘the Games of Spirit, the Land of Smiles’ came true. It will be such a good memory in my life, especially about Thais’ success,” said Charouck.

“You will see that almost all Martial Arts sports originated in Asia. But it is not only the sport, but also is our culture. We have to thank Thailand for organising this Martial Arts Games. In the future the Asian Martial Arts Games will be combined with the 2013 Asian Indoor Games since there are six sports similar to each other. Three countries, namely Bahrain, Qatar and Turkmenistan, are bidding for hosting the Games,” said Husain Al-Mussallam, Director General and Technical Director of OCA.

As for various protests, Kanokphand Chulakasem, Chairman of the Sports Technical Committee, confirmed that all issues were resolved satisfactorily.

“The protests from a few countries were brought for consideration to the technical committee and the problems were solved effectively. Every effort we have made in the Games was effective. We would like to thank all people for their understanding and respect for the rules and regulations of the Martial Arts sports,” he said.

Chairman of OCA Medical Committee, Mr M. Jegathasen, was also satisfied with the doping control results and the immediate response of the hosts’ medical team to all medical issues.

“In summary from the network of medical stations, there has been no doping issue. There were 300 medical encounters, seven hospital admissions and six of seven have recovered. The team manager from Singapore thanked Thailand’s fast response when two of his athletes were suspected with H1N1. As for the anti-doping programme, there were a total of 187 tests and all thus far (122) have been negative,” he said.



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