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Manizha Adela with her medal collection (Photo: The Kabul Times)

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Golden days for Afghanistan’s taekwondo champion Manizha Adela

Date : 10 Jul 2019

Kabul, Afghanistan, July 10, 2019: As a young taekwondo practitioner in Afghanistan, Manizha Adela has the perfect role model in Rohullah Nikpai.

After all it was Nikpai who won Afghanistan’s first – and second – medals in the history of the Olympic Games: a bronze in men’s taekwondo at Beijing 2008 and the same colour again at London four years later.

Now it is the turn of Manizha Adela to put Afghan taekwondo on the map. She was born into a sports-loving family 19 years ago, studies journalism and is already the holder of a Black Belt (first dan).

In an interview with the Bakhtar News Agency, Manizha said she started to learn taekwondo professionally seven years ago under the training of Ustad Abdul Basir Yusufi, a top coach in Afghanistan.

“Thanks to continuous hard training I eventually managed to join the Afghanistan National Taekwondo Team in 2017,” she said.

“I competed in six championships in the 50kg category and achieved first and second positions. Overall I have won six gold medals in total, including the Ramadan Cup and Peace Cup.”

Other gold medals came in an international competition in Pakistan in 2015 and in 2018 she overcame three rivals to take gold in Nepal.

“I fought all the challenges that lay ahead and achieved my championship dreams. My family and trainer, Ustad Abdul Basir Yusufi, have always encouraged me. Ever since I took up taekwondo it has been my intention to win gold medals for my country.

“Sport gives many values to people. Everybody, especially girls and women, should be involved in their favourite sport,” she concluded.



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