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Singapore PM joins public sailing day

Date : 20 Mar 2019

Singapore, March 20, 2019: Singapore Sailing welcomed a special visitor to their complimentary public sailing weekend at Marina Bay last Saturday - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Together with Madam Ho Ching they put on their life jackets while listening to a safety briefing by General Manager Chung Pei Ming. They also wore the Singapore Sailing visors given to them, making them look just like a member of the sailing public.

Singapore Sailing CEO Han Ee Lim was the first skipper of the VIP boat, taking everyone out into the scenic surroundings of Marina Bay.

PM Lee and Mdm Ho Ching took turns to skipper the SM40 and raced against national sailors and tertiary teams from NUS Sailing Varsity Team, NTU Sailing Club, SMU Sailing and SP Sailing Club.

In total, five boats joined the “mini regatta” in this public sailing initiative sponsored by DBS.

OCA Advisory Committee Chairman and IOC member Ng Ser Miang, himself a keen sailor, shared the Singapore Sailing post on his own personal Facebook account with the message: “Welcome Prime Minister and Ho Ching to sailing! I hope that sailing will become our national sport and enjoyed by all Singaporeans!”



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