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International Congress to be “turning point” in Iran’s sports history

Date : 10 Jan 2019

Tehran, Iran, January 10, 2019: A two-day International Congress on Sports Law will be a watershed in Iran’s history, according to Parand Azizi, the sole Iranian woman who is a member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The Congress, held on January 9-10 in Tehran, was initiated by the National Olympic Committee of Iran with the cooperation of Women in Sports Law. It held a number of workshops on sports subjects, among which are human rights and sport, media law and sport, good governance in sports organisations and countering doping.

“This Congress will help Iran develop the science of sports law,” Parand Azizi told the Iranian News Agency. “The presence of members of CAS and Women in Sports Law in Tehran will be a turning point in Iran’s sports history and will help develop sports law in the country.”

Azizi explained that Women in Sports Law is an association registered in Switzerland in 2016. Members of this body are female legal advisors of the Court of Arbitration for Sport or women active in sports law.

The boundaries of women’s involvement in sport in Iran have been loosened in recent times. Only last year, and for the first time in 35 years, women were allowed to watch Iran’s men’s national team in action at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium.



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