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IIHF President René Fasel and Chinese Ice Hockey Association President Cao Weidong celebrated the opening of the new CIHA building. © CIHA

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China steps up ice hockey programme for 2022

Date : 21 Sep 2018

Beijing, China, September 21, 2018: International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) President René Fasel kicked off a trip to China this week with an opening ceremony to inaugurate the new offices of the Chinese Ice Hockey Association (CIHA).

“This is a landmark moment in the development of Chinese ice hockey,” said Fasel. “Prior to the creation of the CIHA, ice hockey was under the stewardship of a general ice sports association - but now ice hockey, under the guidance of the CIHA, has the potential to grow bigger than ever before.

“The CIHA is prepared with good leadership and good staff. Looking ahead to Beijing 2020 I think we are starting on a very positive way forward.”

CIHA President Cao Weidong, who also presides over Beijing Sport University where the new buildings are located, also introduced to the guests the Chinese Ice Hockey College’s talent transfer and cross-sport selection programs, aimed at increasing the number of ice hockey players in the country.

He also said that China Ice Hockey College is now fully focused on preparing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, while at the same time remaining devoted to cultivating a large number of talented players for the development of China's ice hockey.

President Fasel looked forward to having Chinese ice hockey represented in the Olympic Games. He gave some words of encouragement to the 200 students of China Ice Hockey College who were present at the unveiling ceremony.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping has encouraged 300 million Chinese people to be involved and take part in winter sports. If only one percent of the 300 million people participate in ice hockey, the number of 3 million people in ice hockey will be huge. I am proud of all of you as ones among the 3 million people.”

Source: www.iihf.com



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