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Sambo President highlights Asian Games success

Date : 09 Nov 2018

Bucharest, Romania, November 9, 2018: The 30th Congress of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) was held in Bucharest, Romania, on November 8 with the participation of delegates from 73 countries and regions.

The welcoming address was given by the FIAS head Vasily Shestakov, who said: “This Congress is held shortly before a significant event, the 80th anniversary of our favourite sport.

“Today, Sambo is successfully expanding throughout the world and we can assert with confidence that it is now an international sport.”

Recounting the most significant events of the sports year, Shestakov highlighted the inclusion of Sambo in a number of multi-sports competitions, most notably in the 18th Asian Games held in Indonesia.

“For representatives of Asian countries, this is the second most significant event after the Olympic Games,” stated the FIAS leader, noting the important role of the President of the Sambo Union of Asia, Alamjon Mullaev, and his team in preparing and holding these competitions.

Further in his speech, the President of the International Sambo Federation touched on the latest continental championships, including the Asian Championships in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

“The most important event for our federation occurred in April at the SportAccord Convention in Bangkok, Thailand,” continued Shestakov. “FIAS concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Olympic Channel.”

He also focused the attention of the Congress delegates on the fact that FIAS was able to reach an agreement on broadcasting the finals of the World Sambo Championships in Bucharest from November 9-11 via the Olympic Channel. “For us, this is a great chance to introduce the multi-million audience of the Olympic Channel to sambo.”

The next FIAS Congress will be held in Seoul on November 7, 2019

Source: https://www.sambo-fias.org



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