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Hong Kong, China

Short Name HKG
Contact Details

Tel: +852 2504 8560

Fax: +852 2574 3399

Web Address https://hkolympic.org
Email secretariat@hkolympic.org
Language Chinese, English
Population 6,985,200
Area 1,104 km²
Calling code +852


Hong Kong meaning Incense Harbour is located on China's south coast and borders Guangdong province in the north and faces the South China Sea.

Hong Kong does not have a capital city as such; it is a dependency which comes under Chinese jurisdiction.

The old administrative capital of Hong Kong was Victoria which has now been renamed Central so in reality this is the closest to a capital.

Hong Kong's long, irregular and curvaceous coastline allows the territory to produce many bays, rivers and beaches. It is mostly hilly to mountainous with steep slopes.

Hong Kong has been made a top tourist attraction is Eastern Asia for the vast tourist attractions available in the city.

These include the famous Bank of China Tower, Statute Square and the surrounding architecture, the historical Western Market, Hong Kong’s Times Square, as well as a variety of Museums including the Hong Kong Museum of History and the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden not to mention the world’s tallest Buddha and Disneyland. Its main exports are Electrical, electronic goods and clothing.

Hong Kong’s flag red with a stylized, white, five-petal flower called the bauhinia in the middle.


Hong Kong is frequently described as a place where East meets West and a global centre of trade this can be reflected in its population with their customs, economic infrastructure, education and culture.

Although British rule ended in 1997 some Western cultures coexist with traditional philosophy and practices of Hong Kong. Martial Arts are increasingly popular due to the entertainment genre.

Several Hollywood performers originate from Hong Kong cinema, notably Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.


Hong Kong's climate is subtropical and is known for being unpredictable.

Tropical cyclones, or typhoons, generally occur between June and October.

Summer is hot and humid with occasional showers and thunderstorms.

Winter usually starts sunny and becomes colder and cloudier, with the occasional cold front bringing strong, cooling winds from the north.

The most pleasant seasons are spring and autumn, which is generally sunny and dry.

Frost occurs only once or twice a year and snow is almost unheard of.


Hong Kong has a diverse mixture of local religions 90% and Christian 10%


Footbll, cricket and Korfball are popular sports in Hong Kong. Korfball is a team ball game similar to mixed netball.

Outdoor recreation in parks is the way of life for many of the people in Hong Kong, they are used for walking, running, and martial arts, among other activities, while remoter locations are used for kite flying, picnicking, hiking, cycling, and camping.

Hong Kong provides a superb setting for pleasure sailing, waterskiing, canoeing, and other water sports.



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