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Capital Singapore
Language English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
Population 4,608,167
Area 707.1 km²
Calling code +65
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Singapore meaning onward Singapore is one of four remaining true city-states in the world. It is an island microstate located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

Singapore is a popular choice from tourists, Aside from government initiatives to attract tourists like the legalization of gambling in two casino resorts many are drawn to the lush natural environment and maintained gardens like the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

This 166 acre site located within the city limits incorporates the National Orchid Garden, which features 1000 different species of Orchid and around 2000 hybrids.

The 15 acre rainforest located within the gardens gives the city of Singapore a distinct feature it shares with only one other city in the world, Rio de Janeiro. While tourism is a large part of the industry, Singapore is known for its manufacturing industry.

This extremely diverse industry accounts for roughly 26% of the GDP and consists of electronics, petroleum refining, chemicals, mechanical engineering and biomedical sciences.


Singaporean cuisine is an example of diversity and cultural diffusion in Singapore, with a fusion of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Tamil influences.

In Singapore's hawker centres traditionally Malay hawker stalls selling halal food may serve halal versions of traditionally Tamil food.

Chinese food stalls may introduce indigenous Malay ingredients or techniques.

An annual arts festival is also organized by the National Arts Council that incorporates theatre arts, dance, music and visual arts, among other possibilities.

The architecture of Singapore is varied, reflecting the ethnic build-up of the country.

Singapore has several ethnic neighbourhoods, including Chinatown and Little India. These were formed under the Raffles Plan to segregate the immigrants. Historically, the demand for high-end buildings has been in and around the Central Business District (CBD).

After decades of development, the CBD has become an area with many tall office buildings. These buildings comprise the skyline along the coast of Marina Bay and Raffles Place.

No building in Singapore may be taller than 280 metres.


Having a tropical rainforest climate means that Singapore has little to distinguish its seasons, although June and July are the hottest months with the monsoon season occurring in November and December.

The country sees high humidity (90% in the morning and 60% in the afternoon), plentiful rain and temperatures range from 22 °C to 34 °C throughout the year.

It has been known for the humidity levels to reach 100% during the heavier, more prolonged rains.


Buddhist 42.5%, Muslim 14.9%, Taoist 8.5%, Hindu 4%, Catholic 4.8%, other Christian 9.8%, other 0.7%, none 14.8%


The country has a strong love of sports, including football, cricket, swimming, badminton, basketball, rugby union, volleyball and table tennis.

In February of 2008 Singapore began hosting a race in the Formula One World Championship at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. It was the first night race in Formula One circuit.

The new Singapore Sports Hub will be opening in 2012, ready for when Singapore hosts the 27th Southeast Asia Games in 2013.

The new 55,000 capacity stadium features a tournament standard Aquatic Centre, a 400m warm up track, a multi-purpose indoor arena which is flexible in layout and 41,000 sq m of commercial space.

Along with the 27th Southeast Asia Games, Singapore has the honour of hosting the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010.



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