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Capital Doha
Language Arabic
Population 1,450,000
Area 11,437 km²
Calling code +974
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Qatar meaning Meshmahig (Big Island) forms a peninsula to the east of Saudi Arabia, it’s only neighbouring state. The rest of the country is surrounded by the Persian Gulf.

Located in the southeast of Qatar is the Khawr al Udayd, more commonly known as the Inland Sea.

Recently submitted to become a World Heritage Site this inlet surrounded by rolling sand dunes is unique in the world and contributes to the unique character of southern Qatar.

The capital City is Doha. Since the discovery of oil in the 1940s the economy has been completely reformed. Much of its national income is derived from oil and natural gas.

The gas reserves to the north of the state are almost as large as the state itself. It is no surprise that Qatar is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas.

Qatar also owns the al-Jazeera TV station, which bases its headquarters in Doha.

Due to the nature of the channel, allowing dissenting views to be aired live, it is not popular with many neighbouring countries.


About 80 percent of Qatar’s population lives in Doha, the capital city. Water resource at the coast provides opportunities for fishing, pearl diving, and sea trade, thereby encouraging permanent settlements.

Village homes at the interior desert region are only used for weekend retreats. Though a predominantly Islamic Arab nation, Qatar is unique in several regards.

The society of Qatar reports stratification based on the tribal affiliation and religious sect.

For instance, Qataris of Arabic origin identify themselves with Bedouin cultural trends and observe Sunni Islam, while those originated from the northeastern gulf adhere to the Shi’a sect.

Often, the social stratification is carried on to professions and occupations too, especially in case of freed slaves.


Intense heat of up to around 50 °C through the long summers combined with the low precipitation levels has restricted growth in the country.

Much of the country is a barren plain covered with sand so Qatar receives the majority of its water from the desalination of seawater.

The climate is characterized by a mild winter and a hot summer.

Rainfall in the winter is slight, averaging some 80 millimetres a year.

Temperatures range from 7 degrees centigrade in January to around 45 degrees at the height of summer.

The weather is generally pleasant during the period from October until May.


Over 77% of the population are Muslim.


Hosting the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, modern facilities were constructed in the Al Waab district and are collectively known as Sports City.

Sports City consists of Khalifa International Stadium, Hamad Aquatic Center and the ASPIRE Academy.

This academy boasts some of the best facilities for training in the world and aims to nurture sporting potential in the state. The 15th Asian Games in Doha was the first time that all 45 members of the

Olympic Council of Asia competed. It was also the first time that the games were broadcast to Europe.

To commemorate the games the Aspire Tower was built in Doha and is one of the tallest structures in the city.

The building housed the Olympic Flame during the games and holds the record for producing the tallest ever Olympic Flame as well as the highest positioned.



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