OCA History
The decision to form the OCA was made in New Delhi during the Asian Games Federation Council meeting on the 26th November 1981. In this meeting the first constitution and rules were adopted and approved and were scheduled to commence after the 9th Asian Games.

The OCA was officially established on the 16th November 1982 in New Delhi, during the first General Assembly. At this time there were 34 member NOCs, these are referred to as founder members.

Before the formation of the OCA, it was the duty of the Asian Athletic Federation who subsequently changed their name to the Asian Games Federation to organize the Asian Games. They were established in 1949 after World War 2 and recognised the new independent Asian Countries. The AGF did not have a permanent HQ and travelled to each host country where the Games were being held. As the objectives evolved so did the needs of the AGF who made the decision to amend their Constitution and Rules and form the OCA.

The fundamental principles of the OCA is to help develop, in the youth of Asia, those moral and physical qualities that come from fair competition in sports and to promote the international respect, friendship and goodwill through the encouraging of holding Asian Championships and competitions. Hopefully this will stimulate interest in sport and physical recreation giving rise for the opportunity to influence and guide sports in a positive direction in all countries while promoting the development of the Olympic Movement and its noble ideals among Asian people.

It was determined that the main objectives of the OCA will be to apply and uphold the Olympic principles as defined in the Olympic Charter,  to be the sole organization in overall charge of sports in Asia and the representative authority with all other bodies/authorities responsible for Olympic, Asian, Continental, International and World Games. Not only will the OCA help co ordinate with the hosting of the Asian, International and Regional Games, they will also be responsible to solve, as the supreme Asian Sports Organization, any sports problems that may arise among Asian countries or between them and others.

The OCA shall also promote the practice of sport, encourage the construction of physical facilities and improve the standard of performance in the spirit of fair play within their respective jurisdiction as demonstrated by the formation of the Olympasia projects in 2001 and do all such other things as may be necessary to fulfil the principles and objectives of the Council.