OCA History
The first ever multi sports event in Asia was held in Manila in 1913.  At that time the Asian Games called the Far East Asian Games wherein 6 countries of China, Japan, HongKong, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand participated in 8 sports (Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Diving, Football, Swimming, Volleyball and Tennis). However due to the first and second world wars the subsequent edition of the games was unable to be held. 

In 1948 during the London 14th Olympic Games Asian Sports Leaders met in London and decided to host the Asian Games.   In 1949 Asian National Olympic Committees General Assembly met in Delhi and created the Asian Games Federation (AGF) responsible to organize the Asian Games.  The AGF owned the Asian Games and First Asian Games were held in 1951 in Delhi.

The AGF did not have a permanent HQ and travelled to each host country where the Games were being held. As the objectives evolved so did the needs of the AGF who made the decision to amend their Constitution and Rules and form the OCA.

The decision to form the OCA was made in New Delhi during the Asian Games Federation Council meeting on the 26th November 1981. In this meeting the first constitution and rules were adopted and approved and were scheduled to commence after the 9th Asian Game in 1982 in Delhi.

The first election for OCA Executive Board (President and Members) was held in New Delhi on 16th November 1982, during the first General Assembly. At this time there were 34 member NOCs, these are referred to as the founder members.

At the request of the Kuwait NOC and the Kuwait Government, the OCA General Assembly unanimously decided to have permanent headquarters in Kuwait. The three main constituents of the Olympic Movement in Asia are the Olympic Council of Asia (“OCA”), the Asian Sports Federations (“AFs”) and the National Olympic Committees (“NOCs”).

The headquarters of OCA in Kuwait was invaded and destroyed in 1990 by the Iraqi invasion and the OCA had to rebuild its headquarters in 1991 after Kuwait was liberated.